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Check valve

Check Valve (Valve) is another name that the valve back is a device in the water. It controls the flow of water in one direction. Prevent water from flowing back when the water pump stops. Installed with a pump. To prevent water from flowing back into the pump when no water is activated. If the water flows back into the pump will give the system to rip. Lead to inappropriate life. In general, check valve is used in Thailand are three types of check valve spring. Swing Check Valve And spring valve feet

- Swing Check Valve (Swing Check Valve) is a type of water blocking valve. Let the water flow in one way. Install only in landscape mode. The operation of this valve. It's going to be automatic. The water flows through the valve in the direction that the water flows in. If the pressure of the back flow. The tongue inside is immediately blocked. Check quality valves must be made of quality brass. To prevent rust. It will last a long time.

Spring Check Valve Check Valve Spring is a waterproof valve. Let the water flow in one way. Valve operation is automatic. Water flows through the valve in the direction that the water flows in. And the valve stem will block as soon as the water stops to prevent damage to the device and the pipe from the water repulsion. Suitable for water pump systems. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

- Spring Foot Valve is a spring water valve with spring return valve. Stainless steel sieve Helps to filter the sediment. Do not pump into the pump. And keep the water in the pipe. Long life of the pump.