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ธ.ทหารไทยธนชาติ (ttb Bank)
บริษัท ทริปเปิ้ลพี ฟิตติ้งส์ แอนด์วาล์ว จำกัด


Manage by Mr. Kanokwat Jungsura, a distributor of plumbing products, Spiral Steam Hose, Spiral Stainless Steel Equipment, Welding Equipment 3000P Spiral, Weld Steel Flange, Stainless Steel Soft Rubber Brass Valve, and accessories. Using in the pipeline system of water, gas and oil from the home-use building. To use in medium industry, the products are supplied from both manufacturers in Thailand and imported from abroad, such as China, Taiwan ,Japan. SANWA NR FIDA VRF ARITA YOSHITAKE All products can be ordered online from the website and shipped nationwide via Kerry Express.